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“Amazing Grace” Flash Mob On A Russian Street Car Meets A Warm Reception.
good-deeds-17 Everybody Can Do Good Deeds! Here Are 15 Examples Of Good Deeds To Get You Inspired!
Benghazi Teacher’s Widow Talks About Her Husband’s Murder And Has Something To Say To These Murderers That Will Blow Your Mind
After Being Raped, Sold For Drugs And Tortured With Guilt For Years Christ Saved Her And Delivered From All The Hate and Guilt
Toast-only-spaniel-in-the-world-with-the-tongue-out-11 This Is A Touching Story Of The Dog Named Toast, The Only Spaniel In The World With The Tongue Out!
She Looked Into The Eyes Of Her Son’s Killer And You Won’t Believe What She Said.
In South Korea, Parents Are Abandoning Children On The Street. This Man Had An Idea, Treat These Children The Way God Treats Us.
North Korea: The Jerusalem Of The East in 1945 Brought Down To The Most Anti-Christian Country In The World!
Photographs-of-countryside-children-and-animals-15 Check Out These Stunning Photos Of Countryside Children And Animals From Russian Photographer.
friendship-between-children-and-animals-1 20 Photos Convincing That Real Friendship Between Children And Animals Exists! So Adorable!
Only Children Are Able To Show Pure And True Emotions! They Never Pretend, Their Feelings Come From The Heart.
Cats acting like people Cats Acting Like People are so Hilarious…
Young Sister From Saudi Arabia With More Faith Then Most Pastors Would Ever Dare To Have.
Drawing on Gospel parallels and the extent of God’s pursuit, this film follows one couple as they meet their newly adopted son for the first time.
These People Need At Least A Little Bit Of Your Attention And Help! Nobody Is Insured From Becoming One Of Them.
adorable-flying-dogs-1 These Adorable Flying Dogs Will Put You In A Great Mood For The Whole Day! It’s Worth Seeing!
A wonderful Woman In North Korea Dares to Take All This World Can Throw At Her And Keep Sharing The Love of Christ
Alice Herz Sommer, 109, Is The Oldest Living Pianist, Holocaust Survivor. She Outlived All The Nazis And Has Something To Say.
boy-and-a-sparrow-are-best-friends-1 The 12-Year-Old Boy And A Sparrow Are Best Friends! You’ll Be Very Surprised, But Such Friendship Happens Sometimes!
Abigail Miller – Uriah
Animal-reactions-to-the-first-snow-16 Check Out Funny Pics Of Animal Reactions To The First Snow! These 20 Photos Will Put You In A Great Mood For The Whole Day.
Ultimate Dog Tease
Paul Cardall: 40 Hymns – Day 2 Sweet Hour of Prayer
biped-mom-1 Even Handicapped Animals Have A Strong Maternal Instinct And Take Care Of Their Offspring. This Is A Real Story Of One Stray Dog.
unphotogenic-animals-18 Are These Animals Unphotogenic Or Simply Having A Bad Day? Check Out These 20 Hilarious Pics And Find Out!
Trouble. It Will Always Find You And Destroy You In The End Without Jesus.
Dr. Curtis Hutson Weak, Frail And Dying Of Cancer Sings – I’m On The Winning Side
Use-cat-in-your-household-24 Do You Know How You Can Use Cats To Do Your Household Chores? Find Out About 25 Useful And Safe Ways!
Dogs-that-are-comfortable-to-sleep-in-the-most-unimaginable-poses-30 30 Dogs That Are Comfortable To Sleep In The Most Unimaginable Poses! It’s Worth Seeing!
This Man Dared To Break The Rules Of His People To Help Others
Peace Is Hard To Find If You Are Avoiding God
Faith. It Isn’t Always Easy To Stand For Your Faith But Truth Always Wins.
Lester Roloff – Deeper Than The Stain Has Gone
snowboarder-turns-god-trying-save-brother-buried-avalanche This Snowboarder Turns To God, Trying To Save His Brother Buried By Avalanche.
Abigail Miller – He Didn’t Turn Away
His Wife and Son Were Tragically Killed, but God Gave Him Strength to Forgive the Person Repsonsible
Stray-dogs-who-started-to-love-life-1 15 Stray Dogs Who Started To Love Life After Getting New Owners!
Vzglyad-na-mir-glazami-rebenka-99 Looking At The World Through The Eyes Of A Child! What Can Make A Kid Happy?
Animals-that-got-a-chance-for-a-new-life-thanks-to-the-prosthesis-17 20 Animals That Got A Chance For A New Life Thanks To The Prosthesis!
Expression-misbehaving-pets-6 Look At The Expressions Of These 25 Misbehaving Pets! How Can You Blame Them For Anything!
People From Different Countries Share Their Three Main Desires. Does The Location Of People Affect Their Dreams?
Kurt LaBouve – God Will Make This Trial a Blessing
parental-love-in-the-animal-world-6 Even In The World Of Animals The LORD Created Something That Enchants With Its Sincerity And Purity – Parental Love!
Children-who-forget-that-they-are-not-animals-22 30 Children Who Forgot For A While That They Are Not Animals. Best Funny Photos!
Cats-that-know-how-to-choose-proper-sleep-position-23 30 Cats That Know How To Choose Proper Sleep Position To Get Fully Rested!
Ice-cream-is-a-dogs-weakness-22 Ice Cream Is A Dog’s Weakness! 25 Pics Of Funny Pets Will Prove It To You!
Happy-childhood-without-the-internet-1 Happy Childhood Without The Internet! Let’s Remember The Best Moments Of Our Lives!
Do You Think These Chinese Brothers And Sisters Will Leave Their Bible Sitting On The Night Stand Without Reading It?
just-weeks-ago-exhausted-dog-not-even-stand-3 Just A Few Weeks Ago, This Exhausted Dog Could Not Even Stand! Find Out What Changed Her Life!
Similarities-between-parents-and-lids-in-the-animal-kingdom-24 Check Out These Incredible Similarities Between Parents And Kids In The Animal Kingdom! 25 Positive Photos.
dog-abandoned-gas-station-found-new-home-loving-owners-even-job-1 The Dog Abandoned At The Gas Station Found A New Home, Loving Owners And Even A Job!
Abigail Miller – I Can Go In
Whining-sounds-coming-from-the-trash-bag-12 The Women Heard Whining Sounds Coming From The Trash Bag. What They Found Inside Will Break Your Heart!
Christian Song “My Jesus, My Saviour”
Unusual-pet-2-year-old-girl-has-7 Look What An Unusual Pet This 2-Year-Old Girl Has! There Are No Boundaries For Sincere Friendship.
Lester Roloff – Jesus Is All In All
baby-kangaroos-have-no-chance-to-survive-unless-they-meet-this-guy-1 After The Death Of Their Mothers Baby Kangaroos Have No Chance To Survive… Unless They Meet This Guy!
These Street Animals Have Found Loving Homes! Look How Much Their Lives Have Changed!
any-child-in-the-world-can-become-yours-4 25 Photos Proving That Any Little Creature Can Become Somebody’s Child. It Is Worth Seeing!
look-what-emotions-could-pets-have-when-they-receive-gifts-35 Check Out These Emotional Pets When They Receive Their Birthdays Gifts!
Striking-photos-of-parents-and-their-children-20 Striking Photos Of Parents And Their Children, Which Will Make You Think That You Have Double Vision!
5-Year-Old Girl With Autism Expresses Her Inner World By Creating Beautiful Paintings! God Blessed Her With This Special Talent.
Abigail Miller – Prisoner Of Hope
couples-living-together-for-50-years-1 Over The Years True Love Only Gets Stronger! These Couples Have Proved It With Their Life Example.
North Korean Christians Are Starved, Tortured and Murdered Even Up To The 3rd Generation Just For Reading A Bible. Don’t Forget Them.
what-animals-are-trying-so-hard-to-see-in-the-windows-4 Nonhuman Curiosity: What Animals Are Trying So Hard To See In The Windows. 20 Best Photos.
Сhildren Are Answering The Question: What Is Love? You Wouldn’t Guess What Answers They Give.
pictures-of-several-generations-of-one-family-4 Touching Pictures Of Several Generations Of One Family That Will Make You Think About Values Of Life!
Mothers-with-their-one-day-old-babies-13 Check Out 20 Touching Photos Of Mothers With Their One Day Old Babies!
Dog-which-had-been-bricked-up-for-2-days-4 Residents Of Voronezh, Russia, Rescued A Pregnant Dog, Which Had Been Bricked Up For 2 Days.
This Husky Learns English As His Second Language From His Best Human Friend
photos-of-love-20 These 20 Photos Will Convince You That True And Sincere Love Exists!
We Make A Living By What We Get, But We Make A Life By What We Give…
People-who-have-proved-to-the-world-that-you-can-live-a-great-life-in-spite-of-your-health-condition-2 People With Disabilities, Who Have Proved To The World That You Can Live A Great Life In Spite Of Your Health Condition!
The Gospel explained in this 15 minute video can change your life and your eternity.
Lester Roloff – Crowns of Victory
Mother-of-dying-boy-needs-a-kidney-transplant-1 Mother Of Dying Boy Needs A Kidney Transplant! This Story Will Make You Cry!
This Kitten won’t Leave His Dog-friend in a Difficult Situation and Helps Him to Escape
touching-christmas-video-grandfather-studying-english-won-users-internet This Touching Christmas Video About The Grandfather Studying English Won The Users On The Internet!
This Young Man Could Not Understand What Kind Of Animal He Found, Because It Was So Tiny! But He Felt That He Must Save It!
homeless-cat-saved-a-newborn-baby-from-death-3 Maternal Instinct Of This Homeless Cat From Russia Saved A Newborn Baby From A Painful Death!
80-Year-old-man-created-a-toy-train-2 This 80-Year-Old Man Created A Toy Train! But You Can Not Even Imagine Who Takes A Ride In It!
The Friendship of Baby and Dog is so Adorable…
Porcupine This Talking Porcupine Was Never Taught To Share
This Is What Real Brotherly Love Looks Like.
These Two Cats Are Carrying On A Deep Conversation About The Meaning Of Life And What They Will Have For Dinner
Jesus Film – Full Version
Cats and Dogs Can be Best Friends…
Lester Roloff- I’m So Glad
This “Perfectionist” Guy Writes a Confession Letter To His Daughter With Down Syndrome About His Plans To Murder Her.
touching-christmas-story-swallow-always-returns-home A Touching Christmas Story About The Swallow That Always Returns Home.
These People Risked Their Own Lives and Health to Help Others
alzheimers-disease-takes-away-elderly-womans-memory-not-deprive-opportunity-rejoice-news-become-grandmother-1 Alzheimer’s Disease Takes Away This Woman’s Memory, But It Does Not Deprive Her Of The Opportunity To Rejoice The News About Her Become A Grandmother.
funny-mini-pig-is-walking-downstairs-first-time-in-its-life This Funny Mini-Pig Is Walking Downstairs First Time In Its Life! This Video Will Put You In A Good Mood! It’s Guaranteed!
World-is-full-of-people-with-a-good-heart-19 20 Photos Proving That The World Is Full Of People With Good Hearts!
athlete-boldly-talks-faith-god-live-interview This Athlete Boldly Talks About His Faith In God During A Live Interview!
man-goes-beach-dog-dying-last-time-happens-incredibly-touching This Man Goes To The Beach With His Dying Dog For The Last Time. But What Happens There Is Incredibly Touching.
A New Perspective For Moms From The Ones Who Really Matter
photos-captured-best-moments-lives-ordinary-people-8 Photos That Captured The Best Moments From The Lives Of Ordinary People.
Value-of-life Powerful Photo That Will Help You Understand The Value Of Life!