This Man Showed The World What The Word “Love” Really Means! He Has Been Taking Care Of His Sick Wife For 57 Years.

This Man Showed The World What The Word “Love” Really Means! He Has Been Taking Care Of His Sick Wife For 57 Years.

Du Yuanfa is 84-year-old farmer from China, who proves his true love for his wife every day.


In 1959, just two months after the wedding of Zhou and Du, trouble came to their house. 20-Year-old Zhou was struck by an unknown disease. When that happened, Du was working in a coal mine in the neighboring town and knew nothing about his wife’s disease. When he received the letter in which it was reported that Zhou got sick, the man immediately returned home.


Du found his wife in critical condition. The disease effected Zhou’s body so badly, that she lost the ability to move, she was even unable to turn over in bed and hold a spoon in her hand.

Zhou was brought to many clinics, but doctors were unable to make an accurate diagnosis. Another blow came for a young couple when they found out that Zhou would never have children.


Friends suggested the young Du to annul the marriage and start a new life, but he did not even want to hear about it. Du told his wife: “Do not worry, I’ll take care of you for life” – and kept his word.

Du had to leave his work to be with his wife, but he has time to engage in farming. Every day the man feeds his wife with a spoon, changes her linens and shows her to various doctors without losing hope for her recovery.


Neighbors of Du and Zhou are helping to this elderly couple. They often come to visit them, bringing some food and medicine.


It’s been almost 60 years since Zhou got bedridden. During the years of her stay in the supine position Zhou has never had pressure sores because Du every makes her a massage every day. The man does not lose hope and experiment with herbs, hoping to find a cure for his wife’s illness.

That’s how a true love in its pure form looks!

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