20 Animals That Got A Chance For A New Life Thanks To The Prosthesis!

20 Animals That Got A Chance For A New Life Thanks To The Prosthesis!

In the distant past loss of the limbs led animals to inevitable death. Over time things changed. Today people and even animals can have a chance for a new life thanks to prostheses.

A horse named Macho. In 2003 Macho was found in the state of extreme exhaustion on the side of one of the roads in India. The doctors managed to save the life of the animal, but they had to amputate her foreleg.


Cat Oscar. When he was just two years old, his hind legs got caught in the harvester. Veterinarians saved his life and replaced his paws with prostheses.


Elephant Motala. In 1999 Motala stepped on a mine left over from the war on the Thai-Myanmar border. The explosion was so strong that almost completely destroyed the elephant’s leg, so it had to be amputated. In 2009 50-year-old Motala received her first permanent prosthesis.


Sandhill Crane Bunker. Leg Bunker’s leg got broken after it was hit with golf ball. The leg had to be amputated. First Bunker lived with a temporary prosthesis, and later he got a permanent and more convenient prosthesis.


Turtle Yu Chen. When the turtle was removed from the net, it was discovered that some of its front flippers were gone because of shark attack. Veterinarians were able to provide this turtle with ergonomic prosthesis, and now Yu Chen swims in a park Suma in Japan.


Lama Tripod. Sherry Hughes and Mark Field first saw Tripod trying to walk on three legs near their ranch in Denver. Its rear leg was badly injured, it had to be amputated. The couple took lama under their wing. They collected necessary amount of money to get prosthesis for the lama. Now Tripod is walking on the ranch and enjoying a new life.


Bottlenose dolphins Fuji. Due to a serious illness, the doctors had to amputate most of Fuji’s caudal fin. Bridgestone Corp developed a special tail fin prostheses for the dolphin, so he could swim again. Now Fuji can have a full life.


Hungarian stork. This stork got a chance for a new life life thanks to artificial beak. The beak created from a synthetic resin, allowed the bird to return to the wild life.


Eagle Beauty. Beauty was close to death after a poacher shot. The upper part of the beak got pulled down by a bullet, so Beauty lost its ability to eat, drink and clean itself. Jane Phil Cantwell, savior of Beauty, hired a special company to create a new beak. After several attempts, the prosthesis was created and Beauty was able to return to a normal eagle’s life.


Turtle Septimus. Tortoise Septimus remained in the yard of a house for the winter. When the turtle was asleep, rats nibbled her forelegs. Only in the spring home owners found the turtle with infected paws. The life of 23-year-old turtle was saved, but the front legs had to be amputated. In their place special wheels were established, which gave a new life to the turtle.


Calf Meadow. Nancy Dickerson found the calf in the pasture with severe frostbite of hind paws and ears. The woman bought this calf and spent several thousand dollars for its rehabilitation and prosthesis. Meadow is very lucky, he is loved now by his new family.


Donkey Emma. Hind leg of this miniature donkey had to be amputated shortly after her birth because of severe strain. Veterinarians developed a permanent prosthesis for Emma, so her life  does not differ from the lives of her peers.


Dog Nakio. As a puppy, Nakio was found in the basement of an abandoned house during the harsh winter. Its tail and feet were frozen in a pool of ice. After rescuing Nakio, veterinarians had to amputate all four paws and part of the nose and tail. One of the veterinarians who took part in the rescue of this dog became its owner.


Pig named Chris P. Bacon. This pig was born without legs. Veterinarian Len Lucero, owner of a pig, produced a special wheelchair for him. Now Chris P. Bacon and its owner often visit children with disabilities inspiring them.


Dog Cassidy. Cassidy was found on the street in critical condition with three legs. Some time Cassidy lived in a local shelter, and after that he was taken by Susan and Steve Posovski. They set a goal to return the dog to a full life and give him a prosthesis. Today Cassidy is fully recovered and likes to spend hours walking.


Duck Dudley. Dudley was attacked by aggressive chickens when she was duckling. After that Dudley lost one foot and could not swim. Engineer Thorens Loring managed to create a prosthesis for the duck. Now Dudley can not only swim, but also walk on the ground.


Penguin Pier. 26-Year-old penguin from the California Academy of Sciences lost its main pen cover, so he could not swim in the water. Thanks to caring people, Pierre got a protective suit. After warming up Pierre began to grow feathers again.


Goat Buni. Buni got in a trap from the usual rope that wrapped around her leg. The leg had to be amputated because the blood did not flow into the limb for a long time. Buni’s owner Mara Peterson got a high quality prosthesis for her pet, and now Buni may feel full.


Collie named Molly. Eight years ago Molly lost her foot in wheat harvester in Shady Dale, GA. Thanks to prosthesis dog got a second chance for a normal life.


Pony Molly. Molly was attacked by dogs after Katrina. The front paw was broken and got infected, and it seemed that euthanasia might be the only way out. The surgeon Rustin Moore saw how the horse was careful about her wound and gave her a second chance. He amputated Molly’s foreleg and created a prosthesis. Molly has become a symbol of hope in New Orleans.


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