After The Death Of Their Mothers Baby Kangaroos Have No Chance To Survive… Unless They Meet This Guy!

After The Death Of Their Mothers Baby Kangaroos Have No Chance To Survive… Unless They Meet This Guy!

In Australia about 200 kangaroos get killed by a car every year. Most of them are females, who carry baby kangaroos in their pouches. After a mother dies, baby kangaroo doesn’t leave the pouch slowly dying there.


Chris Barns is Australian resident who devotes his life to save orphaned animals. Previously, Chris was engaged in bird conservation in Western Australia, but now he creates a reservation for baby kangaroos whose mothers were killed by cars.


When Chris was working as a guide, he noticed a killed kangaroo on road side. It was rotting female. She had been dead for several days, but in her pouch there was baby kangaroo, who was still alive. Chris took him home and named Palau.


Man nurtured kangaroo and a year later released him into the wild.


It was the first time when Chris Barns rescued baby kangaroo. This inspired the man to create a kangaroo reserve.


Chris created a rescue center, but soon he had to expand, as the number of animals who needed help grew.


Chris had to leave his previous work and devote himself to animal rescue. He was not struggling financially because of the the legacy left by his uncle.


Chris Barns continues to increase the reserve territory, creating conditions for kangaroo salvation. Today he has 90 acres territory and 30 homes for kangaroos of different ages and other animals.


On his territory Chris keeps flora untouched to create a sense of wildlife for kangaroo.


Chris creates substitutes of mom’s pouch from blankets and pillowcases, so baby kangaroos would not get cold, and would feel safe.


Once kangaroos become adults and ready for independent living, the man releases them into the wild.


The reserve of Chris Barns existed since 2005. During this time more than 200 kangaroos got rescued.


In 2014 Chris was named “Australian of the Year” for his services and kindness toward animals.



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