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lord-gives-everybody-talent-little-girl-vivid-proof The Lord Gives Everybody Some Talent, This Little Girl Is A Vivid Proof Of That!
elderly-woman-alzheimers-disease-not-recognize-son-start-singing-together-3 This Elderly Woman With Alzheimer’s Disease Does Not Recognize Her Son Until They Start Singing Together.
hospice-worker-sings-patient-trying-brighten-last-days-life This Hospice Worker Sings To His Patient Trying To Brighten Up The Last Days Of Her Life.
children-autism-sing-hallelujah-everyone-hears-song-not-able-hold-back-tears Children With Autism Sing “Hallelujah.” Everyone Who Hears This Song Is Not Able To Hold Back The Tears.
woman-103-years-old-still-glorifies-lord-singing-gospel-hymns This Woman Is 103 Years Old, But She Still Glorifies The Lord By Singing Gospel Hymns!
This Man’s Anniversary Greetings Addressed To His Wife With MS Will Make You Cry!
blessing-now-lord Once It Was The Blessing, Now It Is The Lord!
This Young Man Does Not Have Fingers. But When He Starts Playing The Piano, You Can’t Tear Your Eyes Away From Him Even For A Second!
teacher-crying-meeting-students This Teacher Is Crying During The Meeting With Her Students! The Reason For This Is Incredible Touching!
This Chick-Fil-A Employee Receives The Applause From The Restaraunt Visitors! Find Out Why?
Check Out This Christian Song! Perhaps, It’s Exactly What Your Heart Needs To Hear Right Now!
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nick-vujicic-and-a-childrens-choir-are-singing-songs-of-worship Nick Vujicic And A Children’s Choir Are Singing Songs Of Worship! Your Heart Will Be Filled With Joy!
this-security-guard-does-not-just-perform-his-direct-duties-at-work This Security Guard Does Not Just Perform His Direct Duties At Work. You’ll Be Surprised What He Also Does!
There Will Come a Day
12-Year-Old Girl Sings A Stunning Version Of Song “How Great Thou Art.” Join Her And Glorify God!
Power-of-music A Touching Story About The Power Of Music Brings This TV Host To Tears!
He Is Disabled, But Has The Ability To Play Piano. New Technologies Provide More Opportunities For Sick Children.
Look How Emotionally This Baby Reacts To His Mother Singing! It’s Very Cute.
The Man Who Endured The Recent Death Of His Wife Is Playing Guitar For His Dying Newborn Son.
You Can See Such Talented Artists On The Streets Of Madrid! Would You Be Able To Pass Them By?
This Man Has Been Homeless For 30 Years But That Did Not Prevent Him From Developing His Amazing Talent!
If You Have Difficulties In Your Life – Watch This Video! Remember That God Is With You Every Moment Of Your Life!
God Gave This Woman A Special Talent That Allows Her To Introduce People To Something Beautiful In This World!
Christian Song “My Jesus, My Saviour”
There Are Millions Of Orphans In This World But There Are No Orphans Of God!
10-Years-Old Blind Autistic Boy Sings A Christian Song. God Has Made Him A Special Child And Gave Him A Wonderful Talent.
Turn the Tide – Abigail Miller
Freedom Song
Paul Cardall: 40 Hymns – Day 2 Sweet Hour of Prayer
“Amazing Grace” Flash Mob On A Russian Street Car Meets A Warm Reception.
Abigail Miller – He Didn’t Turn Away
Abigail Miller – Uriah
Abigail Miller – I Can Go In
Abigail Miller – Prisoner Of Hope
Lester Roloff – Jesus Is All In All
Lester Roloff- I’m So Glad
Lester Roloff – Crowns of Victory
Lester Roloff – Deeper Than The Stain Has Gone
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