The Women Heard Whining Sounds Coming From The Trash Bag. What They Found Inside Will Break Your Heart!

The Women Heard Whining Sounds Coming From The Trash Bag. What They Found Inside Will Break Your Heart!

Emilia Lucchese and her girlfriend, Enrica Bianchi, were walking on the street of Messina in Sicily, Southern Italy, when they heard whining animal somewhere very close to them. Trying to figure out where these sounds were coming from they opened the trash can. Over there they found black plastic bag with a dog inside. The dog’s paws were bound with wire.


Women got the dog out of the garbage can. The animal was severely dehydrated and exhausted and could hardly lift her head. Kind women gave the dog water and took it to the veterinarian.


When they got to the vet, it was found that the dog’s paws were severely traumatized.


It seemed that the chances of saving the animal were very small, but the dog refused to give up.


Dog’s recovery was long, it took a while for paws to get healed.


The dog was given the nickname Oliveiro. Family Mastroianni adopted him and gave him love and care needed for his recovery.


Oliveiro found new friends with who he can have fun.


Oliveiro got fully recovered in the new family! He turned into an energetic and loving pet.


It took only one year for Oliveiro to become a completely healthy and happy pet in a new home.


What could happen with this dog, if women did not pay attention to his whining sounds? He would  surely die. Sometimes a few minutes of your time can save animal’s life or even human life! Do not pass by the needy ones!

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