This Young Man Could Not Understand What Kind Of Animal He Found, Because It Was So Tiny! But He Felt That He Must Save It!

This Young Man Could Not Understand What Kind Of Animal He Found, Because It Was So Tiny! But He Felt That He Must Save It!

Jeff Longo is an ordinary young man from Florida. One hot day he was walking down the street and saw a tiny creature on the sidewalk. It was a newborn squirrel, who was still blind and no more than 3 cm long. First Jeff Longo was a little taken aback, but then he realized that he could not leave the baby to die on the hot asphalt. Jeff took baby squirrel to his house and started to take care of it. Later he called it Biscuits.

When the young man posted the first photo of Biscuits in a social network, many wrote that the squirrel is doomed to die, because Jeff is not a zoologist, and has no idea how to take care of these animals. Jeff refused to give up, he continued to feed squirrel and warm it up, as its mother would do. Jeff’s hard work brought good results! From the tiny baby it grew to a smart and funny full-grown flying squirrel. Today Biscuits and its savior are the best friends!

When Jeff found the squirrel, it was very tiny.


First Jeff could not understand what animal he found.


People thought this helpless animal had no chance to survive.


Jeff refused to give up, and Biscuits itself wanted to live!


Biscuits grew and soon opened its eyes.


Biscuits loved to sleep on its owner’s stomach.


All members of Jeff’s family loved Biscuits.


Jeff fed and warmed the squirrel.


Now Biscuits has its own area in the home.


Of course, with all the amenities.


Biscuits is very fast! It loves playing with its friend.


Biscuits is very attached to Jeff.


Most of all the squrell loves to sit in his pocket.


A tiny baby has evolved into an incredibly charming squirrel!


Jeff Longo has put a lot of his time, care and love in saving and adopting this little squirrel. In gratitude for his kindness he received a true friend, each time looking into the eyes of which he can read “Thank you”.


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