Parents Who Are Capable Of Small Feats For The Sake Of Their Children’s Happiness.

Parents Who Are Capable Of Small Feats For The Sake Of Their Children’s Happiness.

Phillippe Morgese mastered the weaving of complex braids for his daughter Emma. At first Phillippe simply was making unusual braids for his daughter, and later he decided to share his skills with other dads by opening a school where everyone can learn how to make hairstyles for their daughters.


This harsh looking man is actually a caring father. When his daughter told him that her doll needed clothes, the man gladly agreed to help. While the daughter was at school, the father went to the store taking his daughter’s doll with him and purchased for her several overalls and socks. The man did not get confused by the surprised looks of the cashier and other visitors of the store. It was more important for him to see joy in the eyes of his daughter seeing new outfits for her doll.


This 20-year-old young man with autism was very upset when his favorite video store closed. Parents decided to make a gift for their son, and created a mini-copy of that store with his favorite cartoons right at home.


The little girl got an implant that helped her hear the sounds. The child was worried about that “feature”, and then her father made himself a tattoo in the form of the same device, so his daughter would not feel bad about being different.


Three children are not only a great joy, but also a huge responsibility. It is especially difficult for parents if their children constantly take toys away from each other. If at home you can put children into different rooms temperarily, in the car this situation gets much more complicated. This father found a way out of this difficult at first glance situation!


In many countries there is a tradition: college graduates order a memorable ring with the symbol of the institution. However, the young man named Khyle did not have money for such a ring. Parents of Khyle’s best friend ordered a graduate ring for him with an engraving: “To our others son.”


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