Category: Testimony

homeless-man-asks-help-god-moment-lord-answers-using-man This Homeless Man Asks For Help From God. After A Moment, The Lord Answers Him, Using His Man.
doctors-advised-family-terminate-pregnancy-child-brain-defect-parents-entrusted-situation-god The Doctors Advised The Family To Terminate The Pregnancy, Because Their Child Had A Brain Defect, But The Parents Entrusted This Situation To God.
“Serving God Is The Secret Of Longevity.” Testimony Of 117-Year-Old Violet Brown, The Oldest Person On The Earth.
woman-105-years-old-continues-enjoy-life-glorify-lord-jesus-christ-1 This Woman Is 105 Years Old, But She Continues To Enjoy Life And Glorify The Lord Jesus Christ!
20000-muslims-accepted-christianity-bangladesh-past-year-1 More Than 20,000 Muslims Have Accepted Christianity In Bangladesh Over The Past Year.
snowboarder-turns-god-trying-save-brother-buried-avalanche This Snowboarder Turns To God, Trying To Save His Brother Buried By Avalanche.
athlete-boldly-talks-faith-god-live-interview This Athlete Boldly Talks About His Faith In God During A Live Interview!
convinced-atheist-changes-opinion-existence-god-reading-c-s-lewiss-essay Convinced Atheist Changes Her Opinion About Existence Of God After Reading C.S. Lewis’s Essay.
family-suffering-comes-understand-gods-goodness-greater-comprehension-1 Through Suffering This Family Comes To Understand That God’s Goodness Is Greater Than Their Comprehension!
priest-syria-gathered-money-redemption-200-christians-isis-captivity-2 This Priest From Syria Gathered Money For Redemption Of More Than 200 Christians From ISIS Captivity.
man-gives-waiter-big-tip-telling-words-perhaps-will-greater-impact-life-young-man This Man Gives The Waiter A Big Tip Telling Him The Words That Perhaps, Will Have A Greater Impact On The Life Of This Young Man.
Two Young Brothers Became Homeless And Were Starving. Find Out What Happend To Them.
lord-brings-back-life-baby-girl-experienced-clinical-death Lord Brings Back To Life This Baby Girl After She Experienced Clinical Death!
car-child-gets-terrible-accident-lord-incredible-way-save-life-baby The Car In Which The Child Gets Into A Terrible Accident. But The Lord Is An Incredible Way To Save The Life Of A Baby!
man-homeless-not-prevent-spreading-word-god This Man Is Homeless. But This Does Not Prevent Him From Spreading The Word Of God!
look-life-drug-addict-changed-lord-touched-heart Look How The Life Of This Drug Addict Changed When The Lord Touched His Heart!
hindu-woman-casually-reads-verse-bible-opens-heart-christ Hindu Woman Casually Reads A Verse From The Bible, Then She Opens Her Heart To Christ.
woman-praying-time-airplane-crash-lord-saved-life-lives-passengers This Woman Was Praying At The Time Of The Airplane Crash. The Lord Saved Her Life And The Lives Of The Most Of The Passengers.
parents-told-child-not-survive-continued-pray-asking-god-save These Parents Were Told That Their Child Would Not Survive, But They Continued To Pray Asking God To Save Him.
This Woman Accepted Christianity In Spite Of The Danger! The Testimony Of The Former Muslim.
two-children-give-bible-bully-happens-next-will-surprise-lot Two Children Give Bible To A School Bully. What Happens Next Will Surprise You A Lot!
christians-kansas-city-found-unique-way-serving-homeless-4 Christians From Kansas City Found A Unique Way Of Serving The Homeless.
man-planning-robbery-moment-lord-touched-heart This Man Was Planning A Robbery, But At That Moment The Lord Touched His Heart!
girl-coma-four-years-wakes-prayer-familys-friend-3 The Girl Who Was In A Coma For Four Years Wakes Up After The Prayer Of Her Family’s Friend!
9-Year-Old Girl Got Trapped In A Hollow Tree. After Being Released, She Noticed That Some Amazing Things Happen To Her!
He Lost Everything Except His Son And Faith! But Through The Trials The Lord Reveals His Mercy To Him!
man-wants-to-tell-you-about-his-greatest-blessing-from-god This Man Wants To Tell You About His Greatest Blessing From God!
doctors-said-that-this-man-has-no-chance-at-life The Doctors Said That This Man Has No Chance At Life! But God Answers The Prayers Of Those Who Believe In Him!
Pastor-donated-his-kidney-to-his-churchs-visitor-2 This Pastor Donated His Kidney To His Church’s Visitor. But He Did Not Know That This Act Would Change His Life!
They Have Lost The Most Precious Thing In Their Life, But Remained Faithful To God And Got True Humility!
Boy-with-down-syndrome-was-left-to-die-in-a-trash-bag This Boy With Down Syndrome Was Left To Die In A Trash Bag. But God Had Another Plan For This Child!
This Veterinarian Spreads The Word Of God In Nepal And Leads Entire Villages The Lord!
101-year-old-man-accepted-jesus-christ-as-his-lord-after-24-years-of-his-wifes-prayer-2 101-Year-Old Man Accepted Jesus Christ As His Lord And Saviour After 24 Years Of His Wife’s Prayer!