More Than 20,000 Muslims Have Accepted Christianity In Bangladesh Over The Past Year.

More Than 20,000 Muslims Have Accepted Christianity In Bangladesh Over The Past Year.

Jim Jacobson, a president of Christian human rights organization called Christian Freedom International, recently visited Bangladesh. He managed to communicate with dozens of pastors and ministers in this Muslim state. All of them note an unprecedented interest in Christianity among the local population.

Bangladesh is a state in South Asia with a population of more than 168 million people. If you rely on official data, the prevailing religion in Bangladesh is Islam: Muslims are 89.7%, Buddhists are 10%, and Christians are not more than 1% of the country’s population.


However, official statistics take into account only people who were born in Christian families, there is no record of those who converted into Christianity from other religions.

Local residents say that the number of Christians in Bangladesh has grown significantly over the past 6 years, and currently Christians are at least 10% of the total population of the country.


It is worth noting that only in the last year 20,000 Muslims converted to Christianity.

Jim Jacobson reports that the residents of the countryside show great interest in the Gospel.


The increase in the number of people converted to Christianity has caused great concern among Muslims in Bangladesh. In the country, persecution of Christians began to progress with renewed vigor. However, the church in this country remains steadfast in its faith. Christians continue to gather to study the Bible, forming more and more underground communities.


Ministers and pastors actively distribute the Word of God in this Muslim country. They firmly believe that the day when Bangladesh will become a Christian nation is to come.

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