Christians From Kansas City Found A Unique Way Of Serving The Homeless.

Christians From Kansas City Found A Unique Way Of Serving The Homeless.

Christians from Kansas City, Missouri, created a so-called “Worship wagon”, which is being used by them to share gospel with the homeless people.

“Worship wagon” is a mobile church. Every Monday the Christians load all equipment needed for the church service into this trailer and go to the bridge near the city center. About 100 homeless people who need the Lord live year-round at this place.

The idea of creating such a ministry came to Bruce MacGregor and Joe Rettermanu. These men have been working with homeless people for a long time and learned a lesson for themselves: it’s better not to invite homeless people to the church, as they do not feel comfortable there, it’s important to conduct worship services in a comfortable environment for them.


Every Monday, regardless of weather conditions, Christians share the gospel with the homeless. In cold weather, the Christians also bring heaters with them. Thus, many people who come just to get warm, have the opportunity to hear the word of God.


Beverley Cole, a volunteer of “Worship wagon”, experienced on herself the effectivness of this ministry, it changed her life. This woman was a drug addict for many years, but today she tells other homeless people how the Lord cleansed her from her sins and changed her life.


The Kansas City Christians intend to further develop their unusual ministry. They plan to go to the other places where homeless people live to carry the word of God to all those who need it!

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