Visitors Of This Restaurant Will Remember This Day For Life: They Received An Invaluable Lesson!

Visitors Of This Restaurant Will Remember This Day For Life: They Received An Invaluable Lesson!

One day two people came in this restaurant and they immediately attracted the attention of other visitors and employees. It was an elderly woman accompanied by her son. The old lady was quite weak: she was involuntarily dropping her cutlery and food on a tabe and her dress.


What this elderly lady was doing annoyed many visitors of the restaurant. Her son tried to ignore the reaction of others, and continued to look after his mother.

After finishing dinner, the man helped his mother to stand up, brushed the crumbs off her, adjusted her glasses and helped her to get to the restroom. There was a complete silence in the restaurant, as all visitors were observing the elderly lady and her son.

The man paid for dinner and headed to the door, carefully holding his mother’s arm. One of the restaurant visitors called out to him: “Excuse me, I think you have  left something”.

A man checked his things and replied: “You’re wrong. I have not forgotten anything.”

The visitor of the restaurant said: “You do not understand! You left an important lesson for each of us! Thank you for this!”

All visitors of the restaurant went silent, some of them were unable to hold back tears. At heart, they were in full agreement with the words of this man.

This story makes us think about our relationship with parents and grandparents. In pursuit of a beautiful life, social status, we put our relatives in second place. We are afraid to look ridiculous in the eyes of others, caring for frail people, but it is an indicator of heart!

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From our parents we’ve got the greatest and most precious gift – life. They nourished and nurtured us, sparing neither strength nor love. And now that they are old and sick, it is our duty to take care of them!

Leonardo da Vinci

Image and information sources: revjeffhood,, inpearls