This Man Risks His Life To Save Animals Left In Fukushima!

This Man Risks His Life To Save Animals Left In Fukushima!

In march 2011 massive earthquake and tsunami happend in Japan. They affected the work of the reactor Fukushima and caused radiation leak to extremely dangerous levels. Local residents urgently had to leave their homes. A large number of animals were left to die of starvation on the left territory after the evacuation. But there was one person who did not let helpless animals suffer alone.

Naoto Matsumura is a former construction worker, but today he lives in a radioactive area to take care of his four-legged friends. The man knows that every day he is getting exposed to dangerous radiation, but he doesn’t intend to leave the territory. His only safeguard is that he eats food products imported from the area outside radiactive zone.


Naoto returned to the dangerous zone to find his pets. But he found a lot of abandoned animals.


“They told me that I wouldn’t get sick for 30 or 40 years. I’ll most likely be dead by then anyway, but I couldn’t care less.”


When man first came to the exclusion zone, he found about 120 cows that died of starvation in their barns.


Naoto Matsumura realized that disaster had taken too many lives.


Man freed a number of animals that have been left on a leash by their owners.


The government prohibited Naoto Matsumura to stay on dangerous territory, but it did  not stop him.


Naoto Matsumura returned to the exclusion zone in 2011. 4 Years later he continues to work and help animals.


Now this man is the main source of food for the animals.


Many friends and supporters help Naoto financially to do his thing.


Supporters call him the keeper of Fukushima animals.


Naoto Matsumura hopes that the radiation levels will soon drop to an acceptable level, and people will be able to return to their homes.


Image and information sources: BBC