This Kitten Was Condemned To Death. But This Woman Gave Him A Chance For A New Life!

This Kitten Was Condemned To Death. But This Woman Gave Him A Chance For A New Life!

Imgur user itsokayimanurse shared a touching story that happened to her after she moved to South Korea.

The woman was walking by a pet store when she noticed a small kitten. The animal was so weak that hardly breathed. A woman bought this pet for $ 200.


Itsokayimanurse took the kitten home. Under the new conditions it started to look a bit better than in the store. She named it Riven.


The new owner brought Riven to the vet, who said that the girl was about 5 weeks old, but she was very exhausted and suffering from infections.


At first Riven was afraid of the new owners, but then she began to actively show them her affection.


Riven liked the rabbit very much, now it is her favorite toy.


When Riven fully recovered, the owners introduced her to another family pet – Rengar. Initially Rengar disliked Riven.


Riven began to gain weight, now she weighs 1.4 kg.


Riven loves to sleep on the lap of her owner.


Over time Riven and Rengar became friends. Now they are having fun together.


Image and information sources: itsokayimanurse