Find Out How People’s Reaction To The Lonely Little Girl Changes, Depending On What She Wears!

Find Out How People’s Reaction To The Lonely Little Girl Changes, Depending On What She Wears!

Unfortunately, our attitude to the people depends a lot on their appearance. We treat people who are well dressed better  than the homeless. Sadly, we apply  this criterion to children as well.

The unusual social experiment was done by an international children’s fund UNICEF in Tbilisi, Georgia. The idea of this experiment was to figure out how the clothes of a little girl can change people’s attitude to her.

6-Year-old actress named Anano took part in this experiment.


Initially, the girl was dressed up in beautiful expensive clothes and left alone in the square in Tbilisi. Less than two minutes later, passers-by began to approach the child and offer their help.


Then Anano was dressed as a homeless child, and no one approached her.


Then this experiment took place at the restaurant. First, the girl being dressed up in the nice clothes was walking around restaurant, sitting down at the table of strangers, and everybody treated her well.


But when she went to the restaurant looking as a homeless, visitors asked her to leave that place and checked their bags.


Anano took people’s reactions close to the heart and burst into tears, so experiment had to stop.


“It’s because my face was covered with soot, and my clothes were dirty It upset me I do not know what they told me, so I went…” – Anano said.

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