The 9-Year-Old Boy Donated Money Gifted To Him For His Birthday To A Children’s Hospital.

The 9-Year-Old Boy Donated Money Gifted To Him For His Birthday To A Children’s Hospital.

Ulysses Hsu is a 9-year-old boy from the city of Eastvale, California, USA. At his young age, Hsu already knows what generosity is.

During the celebration of his birthday, Hsu informed his friends that he plans to support the “Vision 2020: The Campaign for a Whole Tomorrow”. Thus Hsu managed to collect more than 1600 dollars.

The “Vision 2020” program is a comprehensive plan to create new ultramodern medical facilities.

The Children’s Hospital of Loma Linda University provides the most advanced assistance to children. The Neonatal Intensive Care unit is one of the largest and most modern neonatal centers in the world.


On March 6th Hsu and his parents came to the hospital and handed a check for 1636 dollars to the mascot of the hospital, Lion Luka, in the hall of the hospital. Patients and hospital staff came to a meeting with Hsu to witness a touching event.

“Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital is not an ordinary hospital,” Hsu said. “It is a place of happiness, love, comfort and warmth.”

The hospital staff does not see the boy with a good heart for the first time. Last year Hsu also donated money gifted to him for his 8th birthday. The boy did this deed for the sake of his friend who had cancer.


Jill Payne – Assistant Vice President for Philanthropy at the University of Loma Linda said that Hsu’s actions inspire other people to the same actions.

Jill added that other children, following the example of Hsu, also started to donate money gifted to them for their birthday. Thus, Hsu became the ancestor of the whole movement “Give Now Build Hope”. This is a public advertising company that encourages people to donate funds for the construction of a new building of children’s hospital.

Jill Perry notes that even the smallest donation is important for the project. Only by joining forces we are able to help more people.

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