20 Moving Hugs That Are Able To Touch The Depth Of Your Heart!

20 Moving Hugs That Are Able To Touch The Depth Of Your Heart!

Sometimes one hug can warm somebody’s soul and become a remedy for all ills.

This Chilean miner spent 68 days in an undergroud captivity as a result of the collapse. After the long-awaited release he embraces his wife.



A man is holding a boy on the 5th anniversary of the world-famous tragedy of September 11.


Source: Mike Segar

An american journalist Euna Lee is hugging her husband and daughter after she was released from the 2-month arrest in North Korea.


Source: Danny Moloshok

Medical workers are among the destroyed buildings in the Chinese province Hanwang.


Source: Nicky Loh

Kelly Johnston hugs officers at the funeral of her husband, an officer of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.


Source: Shaun Best

Bill Janz is holding his dog Abby, who was rescued during the fire.


Source: Rick Wilking

These people have suffered during Hurricane Katrina, but remained alive!


Source: David J. Phillip

Ditia Ayu Lesteri was rescued after the earthquake in Indonesia. She is holding her cat, who managed to survive the tragedy.


Source: Beawiharta

Sigifredo Lopez was a Colombian prisoner for 7 years. Now he runs to meet his son.


Source: Jaime Saldarriaga

These two brothers were separated during the Korean War. This is their first meeting after the war.


Source: KPPA

A member of the search and rescue team is trying to console a resident of Galveston after Hurricane.


Source: U.S. Air Force

Members of USA Paralympic basketball team celebrate the victory of their team.


Source: Jason Lee

Two brothers are present at the funeral of a soldier who died in Afghanistan.


Source: Andrew Winning

Hugging saved dogs Kalou and Kira from euthanasia. This picture was posted on the social network, just after 2 hours 6 minutes, there was a man who adopted the dogs.


Source: Angels Among Us Pet Rescue

Player hugs his coach during a match.


Source: Richard Mackson

Mary Melfi who returned from service in Iraq is hugging her dog.


Source: Ellen Ozier

The man who survived after the collapse of a concrete wall in Lima, embracing his sister.


Source: Mariana Bazo

White bear named Flocke is hugging zoo employee Stefanie Krueger.


Source: izismile

In this photo there are two sisters: Eugenia Kawczak and Melania Babenko. They were separated during World War II. After 65 years they met.


Source: redcross

A man who lost his son is at the 9/11 memorial during the 10th annual commemoration ceremony at the site of the World Trade Center.


Source: hostmypics

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