This Girl Is Only 9 Years Old, But Everyday She Does More Good Deeds Than Any Of Us!

This Girl Is Only 9 Years Old, But Everyday She Does More Good Deeds Than Any Of Us!

This girl’s name is Hailey Fort. She’s only 9 years old, but in her short life she has made a large number of good deeds. When Hailey was 5 years old she saw a homeless man first time in her life, and then the girl immediately told her mother about her desire to help him. Parents supported the idea of their daughter, and since then they’ve been working together on building shelters for people in distress.


Edward is a homeless man who became the first person Hailey helped. Since then he became her friend and helper.


“It seems to me quite wrong that in the world there are homeless people,” – says Hailey. “I think everyone should have a house”.


It takes about $ 300 to construct a home for the homeless. Of course, Hailey’s parents support her financially but most of the work this girl does herself.


Hailey builds small houses (2,4 x 1,2 meters) with a roof and windows, they are equipped with wheels, so it makes them easy to move.


Hailey’s help to homeless people is not just limited to the construction of houses, the girl also grows vegetables for them!


This little girl is working hard trying to help people in a difficult situation. What did you do today to help others?


Image and information sources: Hailey’s Harvest