This 8-Year Old Boy Was Killed In The Fire, Trying To Save His Family.

This 8-Year Old Boy Was Killed In The Fire, Trying To Save His Family.

 Tyler Doohan died at the age of 8 years old, but he managed to save the lives of six people.


On Sunday Tyler asked his mother to let him visit his grandfather. Monday was a holiday, so mom drove the boy to stay with the relatives. Tyler’s grandfather lived in a trailer in Penfield, New York.

Around 04:30 am Tyler woke up from the smell of smoke, the trailer was engulfed in flames. The boy woke his brother and sister, grandmother, aunt, and two more people and helped them get out of the burning trailer.


In the burning house still were his 57-year-old grandfather and uncle, who had a leg amputated due to health problems. Tyler ran into the trailer to save them.

Some time later, firefighters found the body of a boy next to his uncle’s bed. Tyler’s grandfather and uncle also died.


Through the efforts of this 8-year-old boy 6 people got rescued.

Director of the school where Tyler studied said that he was not surprised by the heroism of the boy, because Tyler always had a good heart and wanted to help other people.


Residents of Rochester, New York, where Tyler lived with his mother, called Tyler a hero and an  example for the entire city.


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