This Stray Dog Saved A Newborn Baby Girl Abandoned By Her Mother At The Dumpster.

This Stray Dog Saved A Newborn Baby Girl Abandoned By Her Mother At The Dumpster.

The event that happened in the Brazilian city of Campinas, São Paulo, has stirred the world community.

It was a normal day in a poor neighborhood of Campinas until the usual life of the local residents was violated by a red stray dog. The dog came out of the garbage containers carrying a newborn baby in its mouth.


The dog brought the child to the nearest residential building. It was obvious that the child was recently born because his umbilical cord was not cut.


The child was brought to the hospital. It turned out to be that the newborn baby girl is absolutely healthy. Stray dog was so gently carrying the baby that it did not hurt him at all.


The police are trying to find the baby’s biological mother who left her near the trash containers.


Meanwhile, stray dog became a real celebrity in the city. The locals gave it the nickname of Angela.

Many people wanted to adopt Angela, but the dog remains true to its freedom-loving nature. Today Angela is being fed by the whole neighborhood, but the dog still inspects the garbage cans on a regular basis. Maybe Angela just checks them to see if there is somebody else who needs the help.


This story is being actively discussed worldwide. On the one hand we are faced with inhuman cruelty of a mother who threw her child away as an unnecessary waste. On the other hand we admire the wisdom of an ordinary pooch, who realized that the baby needed help and gently carried her to the people.


Thank God for the fact that this story has a good ending!

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