One Post On A Social Network Has Changed The Attendance Of This Restaurant From 0 Up To 500 People Per Day.

One Post On A Social Network Has Changed The Attendance Of This Restaurant From 0 Up To 500 People Per Day.

One good deal can change someone’s life for the better. The proof of these words is a story that happened in the city of Lethbridge, Canada.


31-Year-old Colin Ross went to the restaurant Whitbie’s Fish & Chips to dine. Ross tried a delicious halibut there. The man liked this place very much. But he was surprised by the fact he was the only visitor.


When Colin asked the owner of the restraunt, the 70-year-old John McMillan, how things are going in restraunt, he replied, that he had long been unable to attract customers and pay salary even to himself.


“People do not know where I am. The last three months were absolutely awful”,- said McMillan.

Ross has offered the man to do a little advertising of the restraunt.

Thus, Colin made a post about restraunt “Whitbie’s Fish & Chips” on his facebook page. Netizens shared this 8000 times.

Soon “Whitbie’s Fish & Chips” got a lot of customers. Now a huge line of people wishing to visit this place stretches up to the parking lot.


Such a large number of visitors Jhon’s restaurant has first time in the ten years of his business.


John always wanted to open his own restaurant, “Fish En Chips”, which will please people. Today, thanks to one post on a social network, his dream came true.


Here is Colin’s Post in a social network.

“Today I visited the restaurant “Whitbie’s Fish & Chips” for the first time, where except for me there was only one 70-year-old man, the owner of this place. I talked with him and learned that he can not even pay to himself at the end of the working day. That made me very upset. I want that everything will be good for the people around, especially for this 70-year-old man. The owner of this restaurant is a really cool person, so I ask everyone in Lethbridge to share this post to support the gentleman who is working so hard. He really deserves it”.

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