On Her Wedding Day This Bride Is Dancing With A Man Who Saved Her Life 10 Years Ago!

On Her Wedding Day This Bride Is Dancing With A Man Who Saved Her Life 10 Years Ago!

In 2006 at age 16 Grete Hokanson was diagnosed with leukemia. The girl needed an urgent bone marrow transplant. A suitable donor for Greta was found through the data bank of bone marrow donors. It was an unknown 44-year-old man from Arkansas.

Two years after getting a bone marrow transplant, Greta and her family met with the person who saved the girl’s life. This man’s named is Danny Daniels.


Greta was delighted with that meeting, she admired the man who helped her so much being a total stranger!

A few years later, Greta was preparing for her wedding and she did not hesitate to put Danny on her guest list. When we were making our guest list, I told my mom that I really wanted to invite Danny and Angie, his wife,” – says Greta. She was crying a little bit when she found out that Danny was going to be at the ceremony.


October 10, 2015 was the day of  a wedding ceremony. During the celebration, Greta and Danny had an unforgettable dance. Greta could not hold back her tears, her heart was filled with gratitude.


Greta continues to thank Danny for his deed. If a few years ago Danny did not help her, this wedding would never happen.


God sends His people at the right time and in the right place! Thank Him for that!

Image and information sources: metro.co.uk, vmirechudes.com