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priest-syria-gathered-money-redemption-200-christians-isis-captivity-2 This Priest From Syria Gathered Money For Redemption Of More Than 200 Christians From ISIS Captivity.
dont-like-life-compare-life-people-syria-watch-video You Don’t Like Your Life? Compare It With The Life Of People In Syria! Watch This Video!
bride-walked-aisle-man-got-fathers-donated-heart-1 This Bride Is Walked Down The Aisle By The Man Who Got Her Father’s Donated Heart.
father-wrote-touching-letter-child-lived-99-days-story-will-touch-heart This Father Wrote A Touching Letter To His Child Who Lived Only 99 Days. This Story Will Touch Your Heart.
What Does The Word “War” Really Mean? Heart-Rending Images That Are Not Shown On TV!
Heroic-act-of-this-13-year-old-boy-saved-his-father-from-certain-death The Heroic Act Of This 13-Year-Old Boy Saved His Father From Certain Death!
this-father-refuses-to-lead-his-daughter-down-the-aisle-at-her-wedding-he-has-a-serious-reason-for-it This Father Refuses To Lead His Daughter Down The Aisle At Her Wedding! He Has A Serious Reason For It.
Dying-from-cancer-man-works-as-a-taxi-driver-4 Dying From Cancer Man Works As A Taxi Driver To Help His Family! Good People Didn’t Remain Indifferent To His Troubles!
Doctors-told-woman-that-her-baby-died Doctors Told This Woman That Her Baby Died Soon After Birth. Almost 50 Years Later, She Found Out That It was A Lie!
8-year-old-boy-was-killed-in-the-fire-trying-to-save-his-family-1 This 8-Year Old Boy Was Killed In The Fire, Trying To Save His Family.
Parental-love-helped-this-miracle-to-happen This Family Was Told That Their Child Had A Tiny Chance To Survive But Parental Love Helped This Miracle To Happen!
Powerful-pictures-1 20 Powerful Pictures That Will Radically Change Your Outlook On Life!
God-saved-life-of-this-girl-in-a-terrible-car-crash God Saved Life Of This Girl In A Terrible Car Crash! The Lord’s Mercy Knows No Bounds.
These Mother And Daughter Got Diagnosed With The Deadly Diseases. But They’ve Proved That Their Love Is Much Stronger Than Any Cancer!
This Boy Was Born Prematurely And Had A Little Chance To Survive, But For God Nothing Is Impossible!
This Pastor’s Family Lost Their Little Boy In A Fire, But God Continues To Work In The Hearts Of These People. Their Faith Remains Unshaken.
Accidentally Overheard Conversation Made These Students To Empathize With The Person In Need And Help Him!
This Woman Had A Choice: To Save Her Own Life Or To Save Her Unborn Son. You Will Cry When You Find Out Her Decision.
This Family Is Listening To The Heartbeat Of Their Dead Son In The Chest Of Another Person. His Death Extended Someone’s Life.
The Man Who Endured The Recent Death Of His Wife Is Playing Guitar For His Dying Newborn Son.
mother-and-children This Woman Sacrifices Her Life By Giving Up Her Cancer Treatment In Order To Save Her Unborn Child!
children Little Chloe Was On The Border Between Life And Death. Her Parents Put Her In This Situation.
This Guy Was Close To Death, But God Spared His Life And Strengthened His Faith And The Faith Of His Relatives And Friends. This Guy Was Close To Death, But God Spared His Life And Strengthened His Faith And The Faith Of His Relatives And Friends.
Mother-of-dying-boy-needs-a-kidney-transplant-1 Mother Of Dying Boy Needs A Kidney Transplant! This Story Will Make You Cry!
This Newborn Baby Girl Had A Very Little Chance To Live, But Everything Changed When Doctors Placed Her Twin Sister In Her Incubator!
This Girl Wanted Very Much That Her Sick Father Would Be At Her Wedding! And The Wedding Took Place Right In The Hospital!
baby God Saves People’s Lives Every Day! Sometimes This Happens In Such Unusual And Miraculous Ways!
Dave Benton Has Only 6 Month To Live, But Look How Much Strength, Encouragement And Faith This Born-Again Christian Has!
This Girl Wanted To Marry A Loved One, And His Terrible Sickness Did Not Stop Her..
Death, what happens when you die and how we know. Learn how to beat it and live forever.